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Kuta – Another Heart Of Bali

As we have seen Bali has a number of different ‘hearts.’
Since the late 1960s Kuta has been the aRrival gateway for visitors seeking a dream holiday or just wanting to surf and the area  known generally as Kuta never ceases to expand its tourist facilities.
‘Discovered’ by Westerners in the 1930s it has always been the limitless, wide, curving, white sandy beach that has been Kuta’s magnet.
Kuta wasn’t the first tourist destination to develop in Bali; that was Denpasar City. Next followed Sanur and only after that Kuta.
The hub of kuta today remains as it was nearly a hundred years ago, Poppies Lane I, a narrow track to the beach which became so popular that a Poppies Lane II was opened to the north – both hot favourites with young Australians seeking cheap accommodation, sun, sand, surf and night life.
Poppies Lane began as an earthen track down to the palm-shaded beach with local villagers offering refreshments and souvenirs from rickety stalls. Some, like the owner of the famous Made’s Warung parleyed a rickety stall into several international standard restaurants.
The street running parallel with the beach is Legian Street and the lanes to the shore are crammed with homestays,  small hotels, retaurants, pubs, souvenir sellers beach clothing suppliers and surf board and bicycle renters. The beach is fringed with international hotels, restaurants and some shopping although most of this is along Legian Street or at Kuta Square.
If you stay in Kuta but want to see more of the island, tours and all kinds of transport are available at the roadside.
Even thirty years ago Kuta was virtually only the area close to the Poppies Lanes but tourists have flooded in and the Kuta Strip has expanded.
From the 1970s there has always been a part of Kuta for families, immediately south of Kuta Market where the Dynasty Hotel was the first mass tourism hotel in Kuta.
Further south still, where space was not at a premium bungalow accommodation stretched lazily along the shore to Jimbaran Bay, famous for its sea food.  Today, there are numerous world class hotels along the shore but all with a view of the sea.
The area between the Dynasty Hotel and Kuta Square is the sea food capital of Bali with several truly huge restaurants at the roadside. It is also an area of family entertainment, especially the Water Bomb.
Kuta Square links south Kuta with the Poppies Lane area and visitors love to walk between the three locations.
During the 1980s beyond Poppies Lane II the Kuta Strip expanded into Legian to the northwest with beachside garden hotels and a myriad of narrow lanes leading to the sea and once again filled with homestays, hotels, restaurants, pubs and shopping. Legian also tends to be a family area, especially close to the beach.
The pattern has been repeated ceaselessly: after Legian Seminyak was developed for boutiques and European-style fine dining, after Seminyak came  Petitenget for world class hotels, entertainment  and select shopping and after Petitenget, Canggu, an area of beach front hotels and villa staying and living. In between, especially at Kerobokan are districts specializing in handicrafts.
Each area has its own special character but tourists should be aware that Kuta is not just Kuta any more but stretches along the coast through Legian, Seminyak, Petitenget and Canggu.

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