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‘Bali Gods Crying’ is based on true events in which unscrupulous criminals are threatening Bali’s Hindu religion and civilization, driven by greed, the kind of riches delivered by tourism and marginalization.
A local commentator said: “Bali is famous because it is unique. If all the temples are robbed, in time the people of Bali will no longer believe in the gods. If this comes to pass Bali will be lost and the world will cry.  A unique island will be lost and it can never be rebuilt. There will be nothing.”
‘ Bali Gods Crying’  is also a story of a Western police woman’s disenchantment with the world we all share also awash with greed, crime and social breakdown and how she gets caught up in the ultimate crime in paradise – stealing statues representing Bali’s most sacred gods.
Finally, it is a modern love story between two people who stumble across each other on Bali.
Ubud is different from any other area of Bali and this full colour destination guide explains why – conscious adherence to tradition, limitation of modern commercial development, palaces, ceremonies, festivals, museums, dances, music, painters, carvers, sculptors, healers.
Ubud’s dances and shadow puppet plays delight audiences but are often little understood by visitors so thumbnail explanations of the most popular dances will be useful.
There are helpful maps showing where to see objects and places of major interest such as palaces, temples and museums.Ubud is surrounded by world famous handicraft villages and these are described and also identified on locator maps.
Many visitors may not be are that Ubud is a centre for soft adventure tourism including walking, biking, white water rafting and even elephant riding at nearby Taro.It is also a place where exotic tropical birds and butterflies can be spotted and medicinal plants identified. The very name of Ubud derives from ubad or obat in ancient and in the Indonesian languagemeaning medicine.
Because of its geographical location among rice fields, irrigation systems and deep gorges, Ubud is particularly quaint and scenic either for short stays in a range of hotels, guest houses and home stays or for longer term villa living. A plethora of restaurants, cafes and pubs and a few places offering live entertainment at night ensure that you are never bored for choice.
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