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Village Trekking In Bali

Village Trekking In Bali

More and more visitors are flooding to Bali’s countryside to experience the beauty of its many and varied landscapes and to be introduced to traditional village life.

Ubud is a centre for trekking but there are many routes through the central mountains and lakes and westward to the National Park.

There is mountain trekking, volcano trekking, lakes trekking, rice field trekking, plantations trekking, ecology trekking, jungle trekking, village trekking, ancient sites trekking, sacred sites trekking, temples trekking and even urban heritage trekking.

You can hike, climb or go by bike and trekking has become the best way to see traditional, back roads Bali, to experience village life, to enter homes, to eat or drink coffee with villagers, to plant rice, to watch cock fighting, to be part of age old ceremonies, to find out about Bali’s tropical plants and to feel the uncanny magic of the island of the gods.

For the first time, this book sets out the main treks and routes.


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