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UBUD Where To Go What To See – Price US$ 14

Ubud Where to go - What to see

Visitors seeing me taking photographs sometimes stop me in the street and ask me what there is to see in Ubud; they say it seems as if it’s all restos and souvenir shops. What I hope the 2nd edition of this guide book does is to unveil the essence of Ubud and answer the question: ‘Why should I come here?”

Inside, you will find a through-the-keyhole insight into what makes Ubud tick together with indispensable details about the art and culture centre’s palaces, temples, music and dance, art galleries, craft worskshops, museums, heritage monuments, selected festivals, farmers’ villages, rice field walks, bird watching, landscape biking and trekking, UNESCO World Heritage sites, the amazing Batur volcano and lake and UNESCO Geopark as well as the world famous Elephant Safari Park at Taro.

You won’t find these things anywhere else in Bali. Of course, Ubud does have plenty of quaint restaurants and souvenir shops beloved of visitors and you will find text and photo montages highlighting them together with Ubud’s famous Central Market and other equally famous and large markets at nearby Sukawati.

Ubud even has world class night life and music cafes and this book tells you where. Like Ubud itself, this guide is a big package filling around 200 pages. But once you buy it you will never have to ask the question: “Why am I here?’

Find out more. Buy the book.

Price US$ 15 + Postage

You can also purchase the e-book as a PDF file. Contact us at or klik

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