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treasures-cover-700First ever 264 pages, full colour, guide book to Bali’s 26 official museums, 26 art galleries and a selection of genuine antiques suppliers. Bali first attracted foreign tourists because of its culture and this is something visitors rarely see today at the tourist strips of south Bali. Wet rice farming in an amazing scenic landscape, Hinduism, music and dance were the elements which captivated early visitors and even today many tourists love to be photographed in a rice field or to watch a Hindu ceremony, especially the colourful cremations. But Bali’s museums not only bring its culture to life but reveal the links between farming, religion and art and trace the development through centuries. Some are government run, some are private but each is distinctive and well worth a visit depending on a visitor’s interest. More than a score of ‘serious’ art galleries exhibit paintings not only depicting Bali but also showcasing the work of Balinese and Indonesian artists in the modern era when art has become globalized.
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