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Palaces-front-cover-700First ever 272 pages, full colour, guidebook to the royal palaces of Bali open for tourism.  Before Indonesia’s independence in 1945 there were eight kingdoms in Bali. After independence the rajas lost their powers to the new democratic republic and during the early years of freedom lost much of their lands too. But the royal families survived and went into politics or business or just worked for a living. Today, like the rajas of India or the former aristocrats of Europe, some of them have or want to open their palaces for tourism so that visitors can see ‘behind the palace walls’ and understand the roots of Balinese spirituality, culture and art. There are 12 palaces in the book – Buleleng, in north Bali, the palace without walls because it was devasted by Dutch invaders and the surviving royals felt walls had never protected them so why have them,  Madhura and Gde in Karangasam,once the richichest and most powerful kingdom in Bali,  the associated water palaces at Tirta Gangga and Taman Ujung,  Klungkung, where Bali’s last king died in a puputan or fight to the death against Dutch colonialists, Blahbatuh at Gianyar,the home of the mask of the Majapahit Prime Minister, Gajah Mada,  Peliatan,famous for performing arts,  Ubud, famous for leading the development of art and cultural tourism, Mengwi, the guardian of Taman Ayun water temple, now part of Bali’s first UNESCO World Heritage Landscape, Banyuning at Bongkasa Village, famous for village tourism and white water rafting on the Ayung River, Belayu, still a traditional family palace, Pemecutan at Denpasar where there was also a fight to the death against the Dutch a hundred years and more ago and also Gerenceng Pemecutan whose family rescued a naked boy from Dutch guns who lived to become the new raja of Pemecutan. Some of the palaces are very beautiful and you can visit any of them, most arrange performing arts shows and craft demonstrations for tourists to show the spectrum of palace sponsored art.
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