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NORTH BALI – Price US$ 15

NORTH-BALI-700North Bali has many attractions if what you are looking for is an unspoiled natural environment of beauty and tranquility where farmers and fishermen follow traditional lives on land and sea. Buleleng Regency stretches across the entire top of Bali Island offering a kaleidoscope of landscapes with the Bali Sea to the north and Bali’s volcanic central mountain chain to the south. Each place along the coast is small, uncrowded, unhurried and each place has its special, unique charm and interest. Some are bases for meditation, yoga, ayuvedic therapy and healing. You will find fascinating Bali Aga villages (the Bali Aga people settled Bali for centuries before the Majapahits came in the 14th century, living mainly in the uplands), ancient Hindi temples, very different from those in the south, coastal Muslim communities and Chinese who are a legacy of Bali’s two millennia-long association with global trade. There is a Buddhist monastery, hot springs to which people even drive from far away Nusa Dua, spectacular waterfalls, craft villages and the regency capital of Singaraja city, at once a bustling modern town as well as one steeped in the history of pre-colonial Bali and the era of Dutch rule. Here you can find harbor-side restaurants built over the sea on stilts, bazaar-like local markets, palaces, museums, modern shopping centres, antique and jewelry shops craft makers and traditional weavers. Even some of Indonesia’s presidents come here to buy clothes. The central tourist enclave is Lovina with a concentration of hotels, restaurants and shops and offering some late night live music entertainment. Offshore there is diving and dolphin watching. For the active there is mountain biking and trekking. Horse riding is available. You can appreciate rain forest in the West Bali National park. There are numerous hotels, resorts , spas and bungalows along the length of the coast where you can have fun, relax, dine well and meet nice people.
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