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LOMBOK’S 3 GILIS – Price US$ 15

LOMBOK-AND-3-GILIS The media say that Lombok’s 3 gilis now rank among the world’s top ten tourist destinations. On these ‘desert’ coral islands, with white sandy beaches surrounded by transluscent blue water you can enjoy the rising and setting of the sun disturbed only by the lapping of the waves from a sea rich with turtles, dolphins, sharks and hundreds of other marine species. Around you are mesmerizing panoramas of mountains, sea and sky, dazzling sunrises, kaleidoscopic sunsets, the camaraderie of travelers, friendly hosts. They say that once you’ve seen the gilis you won’t want to go home. People say that these are the islands with everything: you can be remote on wind-swept Meno, chill out on relaxed Air with its beach-side bungalows or party on Trawangan after a day’s beach-lounging or diving and enjoy international standard accommodation and dining yet still in a rustic island setting where vehicles and motor bikes are banned. It’s magic!
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