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Indonesia's Hottest Tourist Destination The people of Lombok and the islands beyond are largely farmers and and fisher people but are renowned for their unspoiled natural beauty, coastal, mountainous and marine. Currently and historically lives beside the sea or in the inland villages have been and are relatively simple. Over the years, there has been trade and markets for wet or dry goods are plentiful from the village to the town – often still very traditional in appearance and operation. Majority of the islanders are Muslim sasaks, a name thought to be derived from Sa’sa Lombo (Sasak language) indicating their upright nature. Lombok today is known as the island of a thousand mosques. In the west there are many Hindus, in the distant past originating from Java and Bali, as well as some Chinese and Arabs. As living standards have risen in recent years, housing and indeed the entire commercial and to some extent the social infrastructure has improved but traditionally people lived in houses with woven bamboo walls and roofs made from alang alang grass, some of which can still be seen, a few specifically open for visitors although tourists are welcome everywhere. A new international airport has opened at Paraya, south Lombok, close to the beach resort area of Kuta (Lombok) and there are flights from Bali, Jakarta and Singapore. At the same time passenger ferries and speed boats ply the waters between Bali and Lombok. Lombok’s hottest destination is the three gilis (islands) off the enchantingly beautiful northwest coast – Trawangan, meno and Air. Diving and snorkeling are hot favourites. The islands offer a desert island experience with no traffic and transport by horse drawn buggy.
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