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ISLAND-HOPPING-700 Tourism to the islands immediately  east of Bali is on an upward trajectory. Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba and Flores offer a combination of not being too far away yet being off the beaten track. Once you arrive in Flores you are immersed in Melanesian culture which is substantially different from other parts of Indonesia, especially Bali and Java. Most of the islanders are Christian although there are pockets of Muslim residents throughout the area. The islands are scenically very varied – endless beaches, mountains, volcanoes, plains, farmers, herdsmen, fishermen, market towns, traditional villages and festivals that cannot be seen anywhere else. They are famous for wildlife, especially the giant lizards of Komodo Island and there is some of the world’s finest diving at komodo and further eat at Alor, near Timor. A tour of the east is a package which includes ecology, the enjoyment of being surrounded by the beauty of nature, the experience of interacting with nature by diving, trekking, cycling or watching wildlife such as the Komodo Dragons, birds and even many kinds of colourful butterfly and also the very special and rich ancient cultures of the local peoples which you can see in many places including traditional villages following traditions harking back to the Stone Age. Throughout the area there are exclusive resorts patronized by the world’s celebrities including Moyo Island where the late Princess Diana of Britain stayed. The islands east of Bali are a gateway to a completely different world  but easy to reach from Bali. You can fly, go by slow local ferries or cruise by live aboard boat reaching place which only you may ever know.
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