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Healing In Bali – Price US$ 15


One of the real secrets of Bali is the many opportunities the island offers visitors and residents alike to better understand ourselves, to empower ourselves, to transform ourselves and to contribute more happily and meaningfully to the stressful and troubled world in which we live.

This book identifies and describes the principal practices and leading practitioners.

There are many places in the world where one can go for healing and even more to pursue wellness. Yet people who journey to Bali for either reason or who choose to pursue either after arrival do so because they feel in their minds and hearts that Hindu-Buddhist Bali possesses and exerts a very special power or Taksu.

The 15 carefully selected participants in this publication reflect not only the unique Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana or the three ways of promoting harmony but also the syncretic nature of  rejuvenation, wellness and healing in Bali drawing on ancient wisdom not only from Bali but from India, China, Japan and from the West.

Being on holiday is an ideal time to either just enjoy and have fun or to spend time you don’t normally have to take care of yourself, mind as well as body and to try new ways of transforming yourself so as to achieve a better balance in your life and as a result a better quality of life in which you are healthier, fitter and more able to handle the stress of relationships,family or work.

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