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Dreaming Of Bali

Dreaming Of Bali

Dreaming of Bali traces Bali’s journey from the fascinating innocence of a century and more ago to its transformation into a world tourist destination complete with all ‘mod cons.’
Change is inevitable but it can be fast or it can be slow and in Bali today it is very fast and gathering speed.

Suddenly, we hear or see people talking about the last kris maker, the last puppet maker, the last salt panner, the last earthenware pottery maker and articles appear in the media lamenting the loss of traditional practices and knowledge.

At the same time plans are regularly unveiled to catapult Bali further and faster into the 21st century with tourist trains, massive new resort and entertainment complexes and a new international airport calculated to facilitate the arrival of millions more visitors to an already overcrowded and overloaded island.

What, then, has happened or will happen to the Bali of dreams, to the Bali generations of tourists have fallen in love with, and still do, the Bali of farming villages, Hinduism and art? Is it possible that the Bali of our dreams will soon be little more than a tourist show?


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